Building with your Pet in Mind – Monty Anderson Group Shows You How

Statistics show that a full 60% of Americans own at least one dog, cat or both and Monty Anderson Group knows that most pet owners consider their furry companions members of the family. That’s why homeowners increasingly are considering their pets in the design and construction of their new custom homes or home remodels. Monty Anderson Group shares a few ideas to help make your home more pet friendly from the inside out.

Among the pet-friendly options growing in popularity are built-in cubby holes and feeding stations. Pet cubbies are open niche areas built beneath cabinets, vanities or window seats to give pets their own dens or napping spots. They’re typically outfitted with cushions, providing a soft, safe spot for pets to sleep peacefully or simply get away from the ruckus of children playing or unfamiliar guests visiting. Rollout bottom drawers or trays mounted in a cabinet’s toe-kick can hide your pets’ food and water bowls for quick clean-up when unexpected guests arrive and to help keep your pets on a specified feeding schedule. Deep, upper-level drawers called “kibble drawers” are designed to hold large stores of pet food. The best part about these built in features? No more mess from tripping over water and food bowls and no more unsightly pet crates clashing with your beautiful family room d├ęcor.

Another option that Monty Anderson Group is seeing more of these days is the dog shower. This project can be as simple as attaching a hose with a handheld sprayer to a faucet in your existing mudroom, often for less than $20. Or, for the pet owner looking to go all out, homes are being outfitted with pet showers that rival high-end spas, complete with travertine-tiled walls, tumbled stone floors, 9-foot ceilings and price tags upwards of $4,000. Whether you opt for the doggie diva shower or the simple mud room, note that it also can be used to quickly hose off muddy children, gardeners and handymen before they hit your carpet or couch. And that post-bath shake-off that ends up giving you a shower too will be contained in an easy-to-clean environment rather than soaking your entire house.

Monty Anderson Group also recommends hard flooring for rooms where your dog or cat will hang out most. Hard surfaces are easier to clean than carpets, which trap pet hair, stains and odors. Tile, bamboo, laminates, rubber or polyurethane-sealed hardwood floors prevent urine odor retention and resist claw marks. Plus, hard flooring provides a cooler spot to nap during the steamy Florida summers. And for those cool winder days, installing electric heating in the subfloor to warm tiles is an increasingly popular option for both napping pets and barefoot homeowners. Heating units are mats of wire that connect to your home’s electricity and warm your floors from below.

For a custom built or remodeled home that offers complete comfort for both you and your pets, contact Monty Anderson Group today.

Subflooring heating mats are among the increasingly popular pet-friendly options in new home construction and remodeling. Ask Monty Anderson Group about building or remodeling with your pet in mind.

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